General information

Over the course of 26 years, Euroband B.V. grew to an international business specialised in the import and export of new and used tyres across the globe. We sell tyres for various prices and with a variety of profiles, for cars, 4×4 vehicles, vans, motorcycles, lorries and casings.

The sale of the car tyres which are suitable for indirect reuse (these are retreaded) mainly takes place within Europe.

The sale of car tyres which are suitable for direct reuse takes place worldwide. The car tyres are transported by transport companies, shipping containers or by own transport.

Our 4500 m² warehouse currently holds approximately 100,000 tyres, which are intended for export from €2.


We also offer the option of doubling and/or tripling tyres.
Doubled tyre refers to a tyre within another tyre (2 in 1).
Tripled tyre means a doubled tyre with yet another tyre in it (3 in 1).

*A surcharge applies to this, for more information ask for a quote.

Press loading*

Normally, loading is carried out by hand (manual loading), but we also offer the option of press loading (mechanical loading).
The press is a hydraulic machine which presses the tyres together in the container. This method allows between 20 and 25% more tyres to be loaded than could be loaded by hand. The tyres are not damaged during this process.

*A surcharge applies to this, for more information request a quote.

Laden en lossen

40ft HC container loading volumes

Volume Manual loading Mechanical loading
Single tyre loading approx. 1000 approx. 1300
Doubled tyres (2 in 1) approx. 2000 approx. 2500
Tripled tyres (3 in 1) approx. 2500 approx. 3100

More information

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