Euroband B.V. Company Profile

Euroband B.V. was set up in 1991 as an intermediate trader. Through the years, we have expanded to become an international company specialised in the import and export of used tyres.

In addition, Euroband B.V. is renowned for its collection department. We collect tyres in a 100% environmentally friendly manner, both in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In addition, Euroband B.V. can assist you with all things vehicle related. We specialise in tyre services, and in addition carry out M.O.T. tests, repairs & maintenance, 3D wheel alignment and recharging of air conditioning systems.
We are VACO recognised, ISO 9001 certified and an RDW recognised company.

Reuse of car tyres

The collected used car tyres are sorted and inspected. Depending on the results of the inspection, the car tyres are subsequently either sold or taken away to be processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

The sale of the car tyres which are suitable for indirect reuse (these are retreaded) mainly takes place within Europe. The sale of car tyres which are suitable for direct reuse takes place worldwide. The car tyres are transported by transport companies, shipping containers or by our own transport.

We have around 100,000 tyres in stock.

Since March 2007, we have been based at our new location at Velsenstraat 4 in Werkendam. Working from this modern location we, in addition to our other activities, also began our car tyre service.

John de Graaf


John de Graaf

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